THE TGON Nation Mastermind Family 
Shanon Rafuse Melnyk
Tracy Rodgers Mccauley
Amy Poepping
Luke Hessler
Alex Lombard
Dino Nedelko
Debbie Schneider
Carrie Lorentz
Lance Conrad

 TGON Nation Mastermind initiated a huge shift in my success.  I was at a point in my business where I was stagnant, we were maintaining with very little growth and I was thinking there needed to be BIG changes in systems and such.   

I left the mastermind fueled and fired up was the amazing people I met and to this day continue to share a strong friendship with.  When you find a tribe of like minded leaders you are lifted up and supported and become a stronger leader for your team and business.  I am forever grateful for Rob Sperry and his TGON Masterminds.  If you are ready for a shift, a small tweak to create momentum inside of you, then I would say sign up for the next mastermind NOW!

Natasha Roberson 
When I signed up for Rob Sperry's TGON Nation trainings via Facebook, I thought I knew what I was doing. Turns out I really didn't. The simple daily tasks that I implemented increased my cold market engagement and my sales started to go up.  
Masterminds took that training to another level. Being in a room with that many million dollar earners is an indescribable experience. I left with simple, duplicatable systems that helped my existing distributors rank and resulted in new cold market recruitment. It is the most valuable training experience I have ever done as a network marketer. 
Rebecca Oakes

Rob Sperry's Mastermind is a must if you are serious about growing your networking business! Not only are you learning from the guru himself, you are masterminding with other like minded people who are making things happen in their own businesses as well!  
I promise you will walk away with more knowledge and a new network of friends than you arrived with! I recommend this to anyone who wants to get to the top!  

Ursula Myers

Since going to the TGON mastermind I have doubled+ my income, I have had confidence to step out side my self and grow! My mindset went from lack of, to one of a growth mindset and I’ve been able to achieve multiple things I never thought I would be able to including launching my media company and podcast!  
Huge thank you Rob! 

I’m convinced you will never find a better friend, mentor, or a better mastermind to attend. 
 Rob knows what value looks like and he knows how to deliver.

Amanda Ryan  
Kimberly Olson
Darren Fryer 
Brittney Mettke
Jessica Nicole
Essie Prigge
Stacy Ziegler
Krystal Popov  
Tina Sellin Palmer
Tyrica and Bobby Duckett
Taylor Kirby 
Karla Neal Pierce
Rachel Jackson
Rita Goad
Erika Dale 
Cynthia Evans 
Kara Cunningham
Holly Schultz
Tiffany McCormick  
Beth Holden Graves
Heidi Snider Kauffman
Tara Merrill
Eva Bergstrom
Sonia Evans
Dina Tress
Jodi Dunn
Kevin Fulkerson
Alice Hinckley
Heather Flores
Dena Soliman
Hillary Hall 
Melissa Fritch
Cha-Marie Averett Morgan
Andrea Shaw 
Jenna Wright
Denise Nilson
Jamy Lyn Grogan
Mindy Hopp
James Lavelle 
Nicky and Dave Rempel
Ben Fanning
Craig Glaiser 
Nate Lambert 
James and Jenny Perreault 
Chastity Marie
Helen N-Naranjilla
Carrie Marshall
Kaylee Siber 
Alyssa Cowart
Dani Vanegas 
Lynette Weiler Schmidt 
Josh and Andrea Rapkin
Frazer Brookes
Mike and Tami Castronova 
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